Sokendai Review of Cultural and Social Studies


Activities Organized by Newspaper Companies
in the Concession City of Dalian:
Focusing on Field Trips by Manchuria-born Japanese
Students Visiting Mainland Japan Organized
by the Japanese Newspaper Company in Manchuria


(SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies),
School of Cultural and Social Studies,
Department of Japanese Studies)

Key words:

Manchuria-born Japanese students, organized visits to mainland Japan, Manshū Nichinichi Shimbun, Manshū Nichinichi Shimbun Company, activities organized by newspaper Companies, Concession City Dalian

This paper focuses on field trips to mainland Japan by groups of Manchuria-born Japanese students (Zaiman Jidō Bokoku Kengakudan 在満児童母国見学団, lit. ‘Group of children resident in Manchuria visiting their mother country). They were organized by the Manshū Nichinichi Shimbun 満洲日日新聞 (lit. ‘Japanese Newspaper Company of Manchuria’) in the twentieth century. While examining articles published by this newspaper company, I depict the field trips themselves, as well as their background and achievements. I also examine how this newspaper company played a part in the colonial policy of Manchuria. This eventually contributed to imperial Japan’s broader Asian policy. The paper attempts to investigate the significance of activities organized by newspaper companies in colonies.